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RM 330.00

Priced to suit competitors and every day players, the Alta is an easy addition to any collection!

As a players style evolves and grows so must their yo-yos. With the Paolista YoYoFactory continued a lineage of yo-yo design that dated back over a decade through Space Cowboy, Supernova and SEVERE. The latest signature for Paolo Bueno pushes their design in a new direction - This is the ALTA!

The Alta is a bi-metal design with an impressive chunk of steel on the rims. Bonded almost seamlessly to the body, these hefty steel rings provide the maximum stability and spin time while keeping the overall weight relatively low. It has a fast feel in play with impressive control and stability even through off plane combos. The stepped string gap reduces string friction in horizontal play and opens up the catch zone for those riskier tricks!