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ALTERNATIVES Insomnia 7068

RM 700.00

Check out ALTERNATIVES' latest flagship yo-yo, the INSOMNIA 7068.

Crafted with precision and reliability in mind, this high-end bi-metal yo-yo delivers a clean and stable spin, perfect for nailing those intricate combos.

Designed by renowned yo-yo player Ho Swee Jim from Malaysia, it offers precise control and maneuverability for executing a wide range of tricks. With its wide width, it easily catches the string, making it versatile for various complex string tricks.

Kedaiyoyo and Alternatives are currently offering a debut sale of RM700 for the INSOMNIA 7068. This special price includes a free "Alternatives" grade 5 titanium axle, "Alternatives" response pads, and two Original Throw Strings (Fat).

The INSOMNIA 7068 is trusted by top-tier players like Marcus Ee, MYYC 2024 Champion, Ilhan Gabriel who secured 2nd place at MYYC, and Karthik Devaraj - MYYC 2024 International Open Champion and Thai Open Champion.

Promo price ends on 5th May 2024


Body Material: 7068 + SS rims
Weight: 65.75g
Diameter: 56.65mm
Width: 45.99mm
Gap: 4.5mm
Axle : M4 + 8mm 
Response: 19mm