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CRYC 2019


  • 1A – String Trick Freestyle with 1 yo-yo
  • 2A - Two Looping yo-yos freestyle
  • 3A – Two sleeping yo-yos freestyle
  • 4A – Freestyle with Off String Yo-Yo
  • 5A – Freestyle with Counter-Weight Yo-Yo
  • Blindfold - Freestyle blindfolded
  • Long sleeper - All on stage, longest sleeper wins


Determine which of the divisions you would like to compete in.

Pick a song for your 3 Minutes Freestyle routine.
**Song must be family-friendly, no explicits/profanities.**

Gather the yo-yos best suited for your Division of choice and start practicing hard.


3 mins Freestyle:

- The scoring criteria will be the current IYYF contest rules.

- Final Championship Freestyle Score = sum of points for
Technical Execution (60.00-points maximum) plus
Freestyle Evaluation (40.00-points maximum) minus Major deductions 

- Yo-Yo stop (restart), Yo-Yo discard (change), Yo-Yo detach (string cut) and dangerous play will be subject of this deduction.

Yo-Yo Stop (Restart) – Minus 1

- Any stop of yo-yo spin with string fully unwound will be subject. Even if the yo-yo does not stop completely, if you need to help the yo-yo to regain its spin with your hand or string, it will be considered as a yo-yo stop.

Yo-Yo Discard (Change) – Minus 3

- Any yo-yo discard will be subject. Leap of 4A and 5A yo-yos, or any yo-yo change or stop using the yo-yo will be counted.

When the Performance Ends

- If the contestant cannot make the yo-yo come back to the hand fully wound and ready to throw, both a stop and a discard will be counted as a discard (minus 3). The string can have knots or be jammed, yet it needs to be fully wound to avoid the deduction.

Yo-Yo Detach (String Cut) – Minus 5

- Yo-Yo coming apart, string cut, or string detach for 1A, 2A, 3A, 5A (yo-yo and weight both) will be counted as a Yo-Yo Detach (Minus 5).

-Refer for more info.

Long sleeper division:

- All participants will be on stage, on the count of 3, all participants will throw a long sleeper.

- The last one standing with the yo-yo spinning on stage will win.

- Due to the constrain of the contest time, we will only allow normal playable 1A yo-yo.

(No BTH, No Motorised yo-yo, No battery powered yo-yo, No extra heavy yo-yo)

Blindfold division:

- Participant will perform a 1:30 minutes freestyle of any division.

- Participant will be blindfolded at all times.

- Participant should be extra careful if he/she is performing a 4A/5A freestyle.

- If any yo-yo jumps into the audience area behind the judges’ table, the player will be subject to disqualification.


Anyone from any country can join CRYC 2019.

The seed for Malaysia YoYo Championship 2019 will be given to the participant from Malaysia with the highest score in that division.


example: 1A_3min_John Doe

email it to: [email protected]

3-Minute music must be submitted by:
6th April 2019

If competitors fail to submit their music before the deadline, they can manually submit the music at the registration table via a Thumb drive 

(No Bluetooth transfer allowed/ No direct play from your mobile phone).


RM 50 per participant, per entry
(regardless of the amount of division)




07 April 2019 (Sunday)

  • 11:00 Arrival of players
  • 11:30 Preparation for judges/booth
  • 12:00 Registration
  • 12:30 5A division Finals
  • 13:00 Team Battle Performances
  • 13:30 4A division finals
  • 14:00 3A division finals
  • 14:30 2A division finals
  • 15:00 Refreshment break
  • 16:00 1A division Finals 
  • 17:00 Long sleeper records (Everyone on stage)
  • 17:30 Blindfold division
  • 18:30 Award Ceremony
  • 19:00 Photo session

*Admission ticket is NOT required to enter the venue.


Atria Shopping Gallery

Jalan SS22/23

Damansara Jaya, Selangor


Grab ride:

Approximately 25 minutes from Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Approximately 10 minutes from the nearest LRT Station (Kelana Jaya LRT)


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