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RM 320.00

Introducing the Cheatcode — The Ultimate Fingerspin Yoyo.

Want to execute the perfect DNA? Brandon Vu and Jeffrey Pang have developed the cheat codes.

The Cheatcode features 'Auto Orientation Technology'. Where the yoyo's caps are specifically angled to gyroscopically force the yoyo into a fingerspin. This game-changing feature eliminates ‘aimless-wander’, a design flaw where your finger will fail to lock directly into the finger-spin dimple, wasting precious spin time. Combined with a low-friction Delrin cap, the Cheatcode makes tricks like the DNA effortless!

Finally, the Cheatcode yoyo has been refined for maximum competitive performance. It’s been field tested with real-life competitive yoyo players ensuring it can handle high-stress tricks such as the ‘Godspeed’.

Want a yoyo that can do it all? The Cheatcode is the answer.

Weight: 67g
Width: 46mm
Diameter: 56mm
Body Material: 6061 Aluminum