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YOMEGA Hyper Mirage

RM 65.00
The Hyper Mirage is a yo-yo licensed by Yomega to Bandai for the Hyper Yo-Yo line in the late 1990s. It featured a Convex shape ideal for looping, along with a transaxle sleeve for sleep times longer than anything with a fixed axle.

The Hyper Mirage also featured starburst response like most other yo-yos during this era. However, its most distinctive design feature is the battery-powered LED light-up system, which gives a strobing effect when the yo-yo is in play.

In this way, it is essentially a heavier, light-up version of the popular Fireball. At the time of the yo-yo's release, the Strobe-Yo was not yet introduced in the U.S. yo-yo market, making the Hyper Mirage the very first light-up yo-yo to be made by Yomega, albeit as a Hyper Yo-Yo product.