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RM 350.00

This is a rare collector yo-yo.

Only made during World YoYo Contest 2018.

Special edition by Auldey, this yo-yo has a middle hub that is not flat but a little bit round which also symbolize the world globe shape.

Only 100 pcs were made World Wide.

If you are a collector, this is a must have.

Didn't attend the World YoYo Contest 2018 in Shanghai? Then you got to have this yo-yo as a souvenir!

Not only that, it comes with a basic reel blue yo-yo which is meant for young players.

This yo-yo is comes up automatically, a very popular yo-yo for the kids created by Auldey.

Kedaiyoyo managed to have 1 set of this WYYC2018 merchandise. Only 1 set is available.