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BANDAI Pokeball yo-yo

RM 35.00

Everyone will ask:

What? a Pokeball yo-yo? Serious? wowwww

Yes it is there is a Pokemon Pokeball Yo-Yo, and it can actually spin for some time! Really cool to do tricks with it.

Evolved your Pokeball into a YO-YO.

Thanks to the awesome toy makers Bandai in Japan, we now have yo-yos shaped just like Poké Balls, the monster capture item from one of the most popular game series ever, Pokémon! With five authentic types to choose from, you just know you gotta' catch 'em all!

These official licensed yo-yos are usually only available in Japan, but Kedaiyoyo got hold of some of them! Gotta catch them all.

All it takes is one look at these beauties to see that they are very good looking Poké Balls for being such an inexpensive toy. The yo-yo itself has a plastic spool inside and is playable for some basic tricks.

These yo-yos are fun to play with, and so stinkin' cute. Don't be a Slowpoke. Get yours while our supplies last!

Check out the video by Tokyoyo