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BANDAI Proyo Hyper Wasp

RM 85.00

Ready Stock Selangor

Hyper Wasp Bandai Made in USA

collector vintage item

Brand New Old stock 

Originally released in 1997 during the first Hyper Yo-Yo Boom, this nostalgic model features a rare cork star response system!

This is an original Hyper Yo-Yo Wasp, which was an OEM version of the Proyo Bumblebee released in Japan back in the late 1990's. It was an upgrade of the original Hyper Loop, with a rare cork star brake response system.

A perfect historic addition to your collection!

This item is a deadstock item originally produced over 20 years ago and was recovered unopened. Although the item is unused, there may be some UV or physical damage to the packaging. It's also possible that the bearing or other metal parts may be tarnished or even rusted as the item has sat in storage for so long. Thank you for your understanding.


This is NOT a model for beginners, although it may have originally been marketed as such. Compared to modern yo-yos, this one is very difficult to control, and nowadays it would be considered a challenge to play with. It is more suited for a veteran player or for as a collector's model. To play with this yo-yo may require frequent maintenance that requires specialized knowledge.

*Please note, the included string is 100% cotton, which is not very reliable and prone to breakage. If you wish to play with this yo-yo, we recommend using type 6 (50/50) string, and play at your own risk.