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DUNCAN Torque (2014 Japan Nationals)

RM 180.00

The Torque is a full sized V-shape yo-yo built for the modern yo-yo scene, and with a name like Torque you know this is a powerhouse of a yo-yo. Just take one look at it; the stepped V-shape, the rim focused weight distribution, the wide catch zone, and even an inner ring for finger spins - This yo-yo has everything any yo-yo player can ask for in a competition level yo-yo! And with the current World Yo-Yo Champion throwing Duncan you can say they know a thing or two about creating a competition level yo-yo!

Fast, stable, and long spinning, The Torque will help you power through any freestyle routine!

This is an unresponsive yo-yo.

This is a display unit, mint condition.

This is a 2014 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest limited edition merchandise, only few pieces made for this event.