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IZM Versus

RM 210.00

Designed in Japan by World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki, Versus is the first model of sOMEThING's second line, "izm".

From the start, sOMEThING has focused on releasing absolutely top-notch yo-yos. For its second line, "izm," sOMEThING has added a new dimension to this concept: releasing the best yo-yos at an affordable price. Versus is the first model of the "izm" line.

At 64 grams, Versus is a lightweight yo-yo that excels in smooth control, making the yo-yo act like an extension of your arm. This also leads to less fatigue during play, letting you practice longer and harder than before. At this price, it's also a great model to practice binds, which is an incredible feat for sOMEThING.

At first glance the angles look pretty sharp, but they're actually slightly curved, and it fits very comfortably in the hand. At this price, with the attention to design and detail that sOMEThING pays, there's a place in everyone's hand for a Versus or two.