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KEDAIYOYO Trading Card Game

RM 2.00

Kedaiyoyo released a special edition of Malaysian Yo-Yo Players trading card game.

This card game is interactive and challenging, combining yo-yo skills and card game tactics.

You may get this as a card collection or you may challenge your friend on a round of card game.

Card game rules:

- Each deck consists of 60 cards
- It can be a mixture of Player cards, Trainer Cards, String Cards, Yo-Yo Cards and only 1 event card.
- A maximum of 3 exact same player cards and trainer cards can be in the deck.
- There is no limit for String cards and Yo-Yo cards in a deck.

- Each player shuffles their cards thoroughly before the game starts.
- Each player draws 7 cards to their hand pile.
- Each player draws 6 cards to their prize pile.
- Both players placed all their Player cards on the table, 1 active main player and several (or no) bench players.
- If the player has no Player card, he must shuffle all the cards again and re-draw new cards.
- The player with the most player cards starts first in the game
- Each player draws a card during their turn
- To start the game, players can attach ONE string card, and ONE yo-yo card on active or bench players during each turn.
- The symbol S represents 1 string card, and Y represents 1 yo-yo card to be attached.
- After attaching the cards, he may choose to perform one action/ trick on the said card.
- Once the trick is performed using their OWN yo-yo without mistake, the points stated will be applied to the opponent card.
- The Star on the top right hand corner represents the LIFE of the player.
- Once the points / damage reach the Life of the Star, the opponent needs to discard the active player and all it attaching cards to the discard pile. You may draw a prize.

The game finishes with a winner when:
- All 6 prizes are taken
- Either opponent has no more player cards to play.

Trading card types:

--- Pack of 10pcs Booster Pack - Random Malaysian Players

--- Ready to play full deck 60pcs also comes with ALL players collection.

--- Customize new player card (1 new card of yours - PM Ewin for more info)