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【MAGICYOYO 2A YOYO】MAGICYOYO Plastic D4 is 2A looping yoyo for kids beginner, help players to practise looping tricks, enhance their balance and improve capacity of control yoyo. Ideal yo-yo for beginners, easily carry out in pocket. Enjoy it any time any where.

【DURABLE RESPONSIVE YOYO】Made from top-quality PC plastic, which can handle lots of drops and hits, and the plastic yoyo still keeps going strong. Super solid and durable to use. The modular design allows for easy unscrewing of the halves for untangling the string or applying lubrication. It is very suitable for beginners.The response system with smooth and long spins. Suitable for style yoyo tricks (2A), and feel the satisfaction that comes with mastering all the classic tricks.

【GREAT for KIDS and BEGINNER】As a responsive beginner yoyo for kids, it is a very sensitive yoyo, just a gentle tug on the string, yoyo for beginners will come back to your hand immediately. When the player flicks the wrist, D4 spins at the end of the string. With another flick of the wrist, the yoyo for kids will return to the hand. This classic yo-yo keeps kids engaged in hands-on fun and away from the screens.