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Magical M5 is designed by famous yo-yo player from China, Tan Jun Liang.

The Magic YoYo Magical (M005) is MagicYoYo's first Bi-Metal throw!

Inspired by the fantastic April (M002) model, professional player Jason Tan Junliang has created something Magical!  This new model introduces a Stainless Steel shaped weight ring on the rim, resulting in a stronger, longer throw!  The Magical has a flat, laser-engraved hub and comes in three great colours!

Weighing in at a sweet 65.78 grams, the Magical's Stainless Steel rings in the rims weigh nearly 16 grams - that's a lot of weight in the Magical's rims which will help you throw longer and stronger!

The Magical comes stock with a Centre track bearing for longer spin time.