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MAGICYOYO N12 Shark Honor

RM 40.00 RM 80.00

The Magicyoyo N12 Shark Honor has the best aerodynamic shape in the entire Magicyoyo series.

This shape is most widely used for all yo-yo players in the World.

The N12 is the most recommended yo-yo by Magicyoyo.


If you’re looking to step up to an unresponsive metal yoyo that’s affordable, Magic’s Shark Honor Yoyo is a great choice. The Shark Honor yoyo plays smooth like a high-end yoyo.

The bead blasted finish makes a great surface for finger spins. It has an aluminum body and butterfly shape. The design leads to great balance, stability, clean lines and comfort in the hand.

This Magic Shark Honor is a great beginner metal yoyo, if you want to step into the intermediate competition level yoyo game. With an affordable price, you get high-end yoyo performance with great balance and weight distribution for string trick style play.

Please note this is a NON-RESPONSIVE Yoyo. This means a bind is required to wake the yoyo up. If you don’t want to learn or do not know what a bind is, or the person you are buying it says he cannot perform a bind, then this is not the yoyo for you. 


Check out the yo-yo video of N12 by Saint Petersburg yo-yo school