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MOWL Surveil

RM 350.00

MOWL: Japan. Germany.

The metal-rimmed Surveil is a sibling to the bimetal Surveillance.

Taking the profile from the Surveillance, mowl reimagined the design using polycarbonate for the body material, preserving a metal rim for maximum power. Compared to its bigger brother, whose weight was readily felt throughout play, the Surveil has a very light and speedy feeling without sacrificing any of the control. The plastic body has a finish that feels like blast-coating, reducing friction for grinds, and reducing sleep loss when the string hits the body.

Making the most of the rim weight, it's taken on a very different shape from the one on the Surveillance, showing the thought and consideration mowl put into its design. A great addition to anyone's arsenal!

Weight (g)63.4
Diameter (mm)55.94
Width (mm)42.99
Trapeze Width (mm)41