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RM 170.00

*These Yoyos are classified as a B-Grade due to minor flaws with the yoyo’s anodization or slight vibration. They do not affect the playability of the yoyo.

The long-awaited Deviant is here! The Deviant is the mono-metal version of Brandon Vu’s bi-metal signature Yo-yo the Outlier 2. The Deviant is a competitive beast while remaining exceptionally affordable.

The Deviant’s design was refined to be consistent with the Outlier 2’s outer shape while ensuring the stability and power of the Outlier 2 are maintained at a fraction of its price. The Deviant feels fast and powerful on the string, zipping through combos at breakneck speeds.

The Deviant’s absolute weight is 63 grams, similar to that of its bi-metal predecessor. To achieve a similar weight distribution, large amounts of material were added to the rim of the yoyo. It’s aggressive design ensures it can handle even the most taxing combo. As a first metal yoyo, the Deviant is more than the perfect choice.

Want a competitive metal yoyo that won’t break the bank? The Deviant has you covered.