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RM 480.00

The Outlier 2 was redesigned from the ground up by perennial yoyo designer Jeffery Pang. The new design boasts an entirely redesigned bi-metal rim structure, which wraps entirely around the edge of the yoyo, providing a heightened level of stability and manoeuvrability.

The Outlier 2 now utilises an ultra-lightweight 6061 aluminium body, rendering the yoyo’s total weight at an incredibly nimble 63.5grams. Finally, the yoyo’s shape has been significantly widened to drastically improve catchability, widening from 41mm in the original design to an increased 43mm.

The Outlier 2 has been a work-in-progress for over 2 years, and we’ve taken all the time we’ve need to make sure it’s the best competitive model we’ve released yet.