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RM 435.00

The First Signature Model from The Brandon Vu!

Offsetyoyos is a yo-yo company from Australia.

Intensive research and development has been focused on offsets competition-derived yoyos and has produced, the Outlier. The first signature yoyo of Brandon Vu, designed to offer its players both benchmark performance across the board and the most stable and powerful throwing experience possible.

The Outlier excels in areas of fast technical tricks especially in horizontal play. It has one of the highest body to rim weight ratio that offset offers, to guarantee perfect weight distribution, the yoyo exploits the use of thin walls of 7068 aluminium and a highly evolved profile architecture. It has been tested and tested over many prototypes and from people around the world to finally bring what is Offsets most advanced unit.

Weight: 64

Body Material: 7068

Rim Material: Stainless Steel

Gap Width: 4.78mm

Axle Width: 8mm

Bearing Type: Centre Trac.

This is an unresponsive professional bi-metal yo-yo.

Each purchase comes with a TEAM OFFSETYOYOS T-shirt. (Size M/L)