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RM 130.00

Singwon YoYo is the first ever professional yo-yo from Sabah, East Malaysia.

Singwon YoYo is founded by Sabah Yo-Yo enthusiast Timothy Wong, his aim is to spread the yo-yo hobby in Sabah.

The first yo-yo produced by Singwon YoYo is the South Peak.

The South Peak is released on 23rd April 2016 during the Sabah Open YoYo Championship 2016, it has a weight of 66.8g and a smooth bead blast or anodize finish on the surface. This yo-yo comes with a concave stainless steel ball bearing.

In addition, 2 pieces of Kitty Strings are packaged together with this awesome yo-yo.

The South Peak yo-yo has a buttery smooth feel and a firm bind response. Playing complicated string tricks will no longer be a challenge as the South Peak Yo-yo makes everything easier due to the fact that the spin time is very long and it can last up to 9 minutes of long sleeper.

The yo-yo logo portrays the Mount Kinabalu, the main icon for the state of Sabah, East Malaysia.


Singwon quote: Life is better when you yoyo!