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sOMEThING Addiction

RM 170.00

The Addiction is the first metal ringed plastic 1A yo-yo to come out of the sOMEThING workshop and it is amazing! The curved v-shape gives this yo-yo great speed and maneuverability while the machined aluminum weight rings add the perfect weight distribution for long spins and stability through any complex combo.

sOMEThING treats every piece of each yo-yo they design with equal importance to give you the best possible finished product. The injection molded plastic body is fitted with precision machined aluminum weight rings to guarantee a stable spin - But sOMEThING didn't stop there, they even custom machined the nut and bolt on the addiction to give you the smoothest spin possible! And did we mention it looks fantastic? The translucent plastic with raw engraved aluminum accents give the Addiction a really simple yet refined and beautiful look.