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RM 250.00

One of the new Bi Metal premium throw by two major yoyo companies.

This latest release is a collaboration between Magicyoyo and Spingear, and it's a beast!  It is made of 7075 Aluminum with Stainless Steele weight rings.  It's fast spinning, stable and ready for anything!  

It comes with a gold plated "NSK" bearing, made in Japan and arguably the best bearing in the business!

weight: 66.3grams (body: 31.4grams, ring:  31.6grams)

diameter: 55mm 

width: 43mm 

gap: 4.3mm 

material: 7075 aluminum +steel 304. 

bearing: NSK Gold-Plating concave bearing. 

axle: 8mm stainless

surface: blasted finish. 

box: Unique black box. 

brand: Magicyoyo & spingear