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VOSUN Grooved Bearing

RM 30.00

    Vosun Grooved Bearing Size C

    As we were saying, Vosun has been marked as a very high objective and is becoming a high level Yo-Yo manufacturer at a very affordable price. So far, it seems to be serving the Yo-Yo world quite well! 

    This Yo-Yo Bearing is not the first type 'Grooved' that comes on the market, nor will it be the last, but since the first bearing 'Grooved' came on the market, it has been one of the favorites for all players.

    It is called 'Grooved' because of the small notch that is in the middle of the Bearing, this is where the string is engaged and in this way greater stability and increased speed is easily achieved. In particular this Bearing has 10 Balls, so that even more will increase the speed of rotation. 

    If you are planning to change the Bearing, and are trying not to spend much money, let us recommend one, do you know which one?