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VOSUN Plus 1

RM 80.00

This is a renewal model of the 1S STARY first release.

Vosun's first release model, the 1S STARY has been renewed as the Plus 1 model. Slightly on the smaller side of the "middle size" spectrum, which is uncommon in recent years. Compared to the 1S STARY, the Plus 1 has a more step-round body shape, with a gentle sloping profile that fits well into anyone's hand. The performance of this yo-yo is impressive for this price point; Vosun hasn't sacrificed power or sleep times for a lower price point, but rather strives to design yo-yos that raises the performance bar for affordable metal yo-yos.

If you're looking for your first metal yo-yo, you've found a winner with the Plus 1.

Plus 1 is a undersize metal unresponsive yo-yo

Weight (g)67.3
Diameter (mm)52.00
Width (mm)40.52
Trapeze Width (mm)38