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VOSUN Vanquish

RM 80.00 RM 90.00

This is an unresponsive yo-yo.

This affordable full metal is as nimble as they come!

This full metal yo-yo has the almighty step-round profile. Even amongst Vosun's incredible lineup of cost-performance yo-yos, the 8S Vanquish boasts impressive sleep times and handles quite well, partly thanks to its high bump around the response area which keeps sleep loss to a minimum. Without a quirk in its size balance or playfeel, the 8S just does what you want! Thanks to the price, it makes a great step-up model for your first bind response model, or for players looking to catch a high-end yo-yo on the cheap.

The side face is even scooped with top-on (finger spin) style tricks in mind. Vosun is turning up the charm in their lineup!