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YJYOYO Easytrick 3D

RM 50.00

Korean 3D yo-yo for beginners

Made in Korea

Old and new come together! Easy Trick is a retro design made with a 3D printer!

It's got the old familiar rounded shape of the Coca Cola yo-yo, but it came out of a real-life sci-fi device: the 3D printer! In short, the shape is a throwback to the 80's and 90's, when Coca Cola yo-yos were everywhere and were the basic shape of all beginner yo-yos. But with a thin C- size bearing and a pad response system, the Easy Trick is WAY easier to throw than the yo-yos of old!

Although it shares the same shape, in fact the changes on the inside have totally upgraded the way it plays! The old yo-yos had fixed-axles, and could spin for 10 seconds at most, making it really difficult and tiring to practice! Compared to that, you'll have all the time in the world to practice your Easy Trick! The 3D printed body is plenty strong and durable too.

Although these days most of even the beginner yo-yos are wide, with wide catch zones and bearings, but THIS is what most people think of when they hear the word "yo-yo," and it's amazing how much easier it'll feel now than compared to the first time they picked one up! Enjoy a new take on the old school!

Official Description

It's our perfect beginner yo-yo, which is different from what it looks like.

We used the advantage of 3D printers to fix problems when we had problems.

Over a year, we've sold thousands of things.
It is finished with perfect function that surpasses the yo-yo of molding method.
It met everything, including material strength and proper weight, and the great feeling of longsleeper coming up.

It doesn't break easily even to beginners of yo-yo.
There is no better beginner yo-yo in Korea than this.

The most impressive review was, "I am grandmother.Even grandmother Yoyo can play with it.."
That was the comment.