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YOMEGA AA Club MYYC Fireball

RM 90.00

This is a great beginner yo-yo at the same time this is a rare collector item.

This yo-yo is MADE IN USA. (Yomega no longer have USA edition FIreball since many years ago)

This yo-yo is responsive, good for looping, milk the cow etc.

This yo-yo can be used as a 2A yo-yo.

This yo-yo comes with a plastic transaxle, not a ball bearing. (this transaxle spins 3x longer than normal transaxle)

It is an old release from the Yomega USA direct, the AA Club from Hong Kong decided to make special limited edition of Malaysia YoYo Championship Fireball during MYYC 2018.

Only 6pcs were made for MYYC edition.