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Edgeless has an ANTI modern competition yo-yo feel to it while still delivering amazing performance. Its 'touch appeal' is massive, you dont want to put it down. Its hollow construction builds on the SHERPA yo-yo of 2016 but delivering more modern 2019 performance. A looker, player and keeper.

Edgeless is a new yoyo from Basecamp - cooperation between YoyoFactory and CLYW. As the name suggests, this yoyo is made without a single edge. World champion Evan Nagao came with this idea, he wanted to make his signature yoyo Edge even more special and make it more fun.
If you've ever had a chance to play with the legendary Yoyofactory 888, then you will probably get the similar flowy feeling with Edgeless as well.
In addition, Edgless is perfectly designed for fingerspins, the yoyo will always slide to the center.