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RM 60.00

The FAST 201 is a pretty fantastic yoyo for beginners. It’s “Fully Active Starburst Technology”, i.e. F.A.S.T., while a mouthful, genuinely makes beginner tricks like winding the string and getting a solid throw significantly easier to learn. At the same time it is a ball bearing yoyo that sleeps well and even plays well when doing string tricks. If you are just getting into yoyoing this is a fantastic option.

The yoyo that started it all! When YoYoFactory’s president, Hans Van Dan Elzen first had the idea of starting a yoyo company, he had an idea for a yoyo that would be so unique that it made yo-yoing easier to learn, easier to share with your friends, and ultimately more FUN. This one little idea developed into a yoyo that has made its way into tens of millions of people’s hands all around the world.