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This is an Offstring yo-yo.

A superb balance of power and responsiveness, in a tough package! YYF's Flight raises the bar for extreme cost-performance off string yo-yos.

Breaking years of silence on the off string front, YoYoFactory has released a new model that is worth the wait. A full plastic body (unlike the rubber-winged models in the past), Flight boasts a high attention to detail that is the result of extensive testing and minute tweaks, making it one of the best off string yo-yos for the price.

Aside from maintaining its spin, the balance of its responsiveness is one of the most important features of an off string yo-yo. You don't want the yo-yo to catch a bind until you're ready, but you still want a good, tight bind. Flight strikes a great balance here, and the bumped response area has both the effect of preventing sleep loss, and even when the yo-yo slows down, it still manages to maintain a straight, smooth spin. Built for durability, the plastic body also looks pretty darn good, and the low price means that off string newbies to contest players can afford to stock their fleet.

The parts of the body that come into contact with the string have a finish similar to the blast coatings on metal yo-yos, further reducing sleep loss.

Update: New Stock 

New Flight PRO!!! 

The new Flight Pro is machined from POM plastic which gives it a smoother feel in play and increased durability. It combines all of the best features of the Flight, adds a few design tweaks, and offers an even higher level of performance!

The PRO is the next evolution in your journey as an offstring player. High quality POM machined plastic offers a better weight distribution for a faster high performance feel!