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RM 280.00

This is a professional unresponsive yo-yo.

Machined from 7068 Aluminum, an amazingly strong metal that has a better weight/strength ratio than grade 5 Titanium, The YoYoFactory ULTRA series yo-yos are something special! This is the second release of the series - The Horizon ULTRA!

With the stronger and lighter 7068 aluminum, YoYoFactory was able to utilize the size/shape of the Horizon to perfectly fine tune the weight distribution. They made some slight modifications to really take advantage of the unique material and boost the performance in an amazing way!

The ULTRA weighs in over 3 grams lighter than the original for a fast, floaty, and maneuverable feel in play. It has a powerful spin, amazing spin time, and the new fingerspin cup has an added dimple to help lock your finger in place!