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If you haven't heard the Kim siblings are changing the game of yoyo as reigning World champions (in their respective divisions) – Mir Kim, the 1A World Championship champ, and Miri Kim, the Women's Division titleholder in 2023. Both of their performances from the 2023 World YoYo Contest are absolutely mind blowing and to win they used their signature model the Miracle! 

Introducing the new KIM 23: maintaining the essence of their original Miracle but comes at a more affordable price point. While the Miracle is an amazing and powerful yoyo but with 7075 aluminum and brass weight rings under the polycarbonate shell it comes at a premium price. By replacing the 7075 aluminum and brass rim weight with a full 6061 aluminum body material, they've made it accessible to all with a still impressive level of power and performance. 

Comparing KIM 23 to Miracle it is just slightly smaller in diameter but nearly identical weight, width, and shape. Thanks to its polycarbonate rim it is comfortable to hold and offers protection to both your own hands while throwing or the yoyo when hitting a hard surface. What is most impressive though is the real power and performance. The KIM 23 can literally handle anything and it is an amazing option for anyone looking to get a real spin time power house that is also fun to play!

Diameter:55.82 mm / 0.00 inches

Width:47.84 mm / 0.00 inchesGap 

Weight:66.0 grams

Bearing Size:Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)

Response:"Slim Pad" Size 19mm OD

Material:6061 Aluminum w/ Polycarbonate Shell

Designed in:USA