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RM 80.00

This is a 2A looping yo-yo. Normally yo-yo players will buy 2 of the same yoyos for double hand 2A play.

This is the SHU TAKADA World Champion edition.

The Looping World Champion, Shu Takada helped to designed this ultimate looping yo-yo!

Tweaking looping yo-yos was a fine art for early players, and now they're taking that knowledge and doing the work for you, maxing out the limits of what the specs will allow. Looping yo-yos are particularly finicky, so it takes a practiced hand to make it awesome. With the help of world champion, Shu Takada had a hand in making this yo-yo the beast that it is. Thank to his designs, you barely need any maintenance to keep this top spinning forever.

A change in the design includes the switch to a starburst response area, and a metal spacer to lock the gap at the perfect looping width for beginners and professional players alike. We suggest a string length of around 70-75cm for maximum performance.

An affordable throw, the 720 makes it easy to pick up two for the rigors of two-handed looping!