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YOYOFACTORY Meerkat (Women World Champion - Betty Gallegos)

RM 320.00

Betty plays yo-yo. 

She beats the boys & takes their lunch money on the regular.

She named her yoyo after a cute animal just to trick you. 

Don’t be fooled.

Introducing the current Mexican National Champion and 2x Women’s World Champion Betty Gallegos’s first signature yoyo by YoYoFactory. We started the design process working with the yoyos she previously used and somewhere along the way something new was born. Speed, power and finesse. The perfect match for Betty and the yoyo she used to capture the 2019 World Title.

meerkat betty.jpg

SPECS Meerkat

65.4 grams

Diameter 56.75mm

Width 45.75mm

Stainless steel axle

Center Trac Bearing