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RM 350.00
  • Signature model of Michael Malík
  • Bimetal construction
  • High competitive play
  • Aluminium body and steel weight rims
  • Center Trac C bearing

Michael Malík's signature bimetal, redeveloped based on the "Blade".

This is the second model of Michael Malík's signature model, which won four consecutive titles in the 1A category in the Czech Republic from 2016 to 19 and was also the runner-up in the European Championships in 2022.

The biggest change from the previous "Blade" model is, of course, the bimetallization. The inner rim gives it a weight balance that gives the impression of a "core", and you can feel the difference from the very first impact of the first model.

However, there is one more thing to note: the soft, cushion-like feeling during tricks. The heavy feel has been converted to a moderate ease of acceleration and deceleration, and the directness of braking is pleasant to the hand.