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RM 200.00

YoYoFactory - Harold Owens III Signature Yo-Yo (2011 USA National Champion 1A)

Harold worked with YoYoFactory to refine the Too H.O.T. to meet the needs of his ever evolving play style. The Too H.O.T. has the same basic shape as the original H.O.T. but with a few key tweaks that completely change the performance. They gave it a more angled profile and a slightly reduced width to increase speed and maneuverability. Then redistributed the weight, pushing more to the rims for stability and added a nice outer lip for thumb grinds. 

At this price you will be hard pressed to fine a yo-yo that is as refined and delivers such amazing spin quality. The TOO HOT is a true next level yo-yo design and watching Harold Owens throw it in competition has proved it can power throw any technical string trick and more.