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RM 78.00

ITS THE YOYO OF THE 21ST CENTURY! The patented Velocity is the first yoyo of its kind. By turning the Adjust-O-Matic Dials on each side of the yoyo, the Velocity can be transformed from a classic up-and-down yoyo into a modern long-spin beast! This is the most versatile yoyo that you can buy!

FINE TUNED PERFORMANCE FOR ANY LEVEL- Whatever skill level you are at the Velocity is ready to perform for whatever you can throw at it! Easy-to-Pro and for the youngest to the most polished, this yoyo will execute whatever you want it to do!

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION AND EASY ASSEMBLY - Each of our yoyo’s are built with Ultra Impact resistant plastic to allow it to take a beating, YoYos are meant to be fun. Each “take apart design” will allow you to quickly untangle it when you have to reset

BUILT TO PERFORM THE MOST MODERN OF TRICKS - Built to be used in most modern tricks and styles our Yoyo’s are made for the hobbyist to the modern yoyoer. Our Yoyos are made to be able to perform relevant tricks and performances!

YOYOFACTORY CHAMPIONSHIP DESIGNS- Used by world champions we pride ourselves on creating excellent yoyos for everyone, beginners, hobbits and professionals alike keep coming back for our award winning designs. Yoyo’s are a fun alternative to do when you are just relaxing and sitting around!