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RM 98.00

Ready Stock Malaysia ✅

Great for DNA tricks

Default responsive/beginner setup

Inludes unresponsive upgrade kit

Switch ball bearings for advanced tricks

Designed by World Yoyo Champion Evan Nagao

Extra string, axle, pro ball bearing and bearing removal tool

YoyoFactory presents the new and improved Wedge 2.0 from World Champion – Evan Nagao. The perfect beginner yoyo for learning DNA and all other modern yoyo tricks. In the box, the yoyo comes responsive, but also includes an unresponsive Center Trac C pro ball bearing, long axle, extra string and a bearing removal tool. You can use both the axle and unresponsive bearing when you’re ready for more advanced tricks!

Wedge 2.0 is all in one yoyo. It is great for beginner yoyo players, it has fingerspin hub for DNA tricks and it is also capable of most advanced pro yo-yo tricks.