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RM 185.00

The Lava is a new model derived from the Imp and Jaeger.

Up until now, yoyofficer's lineup consists of a slew of standard, simple designs that make for a great first full-metal yo-yo. The Lava deviates from that heritage, but is still a great yo-yo.

Lava features a popular step straight body and has a light, tight spin to it. The shape is based on the Imp, and the side face is derived from the Jaeger. The bumped response area is even higher, meaning less sleep loss for you during extended tricks.

The Lava doesn't wear you out, and it spins for days, meaning you can keep practicing for longer than ever before. Keep expanding those horizons!

Weight (g)65.1
Diameter (mm)54.04
Width (mm)42.89
Trapeze Width (mm)36