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YOYOJAM Revolution

RM 120.00

The YoyoJam Revolution yoyo is the signature series of Grant Johnson, one of YoyoJam's prodigy players. He is famous for his TV appearances and his amazing, new style that is sweeping the nation!

The YoyoJam Revolution Yoyo has the new "Solid Spin" high grade aluminium axle system. This system is specifically designed to bring the metal rimmed yo-yo together as if it were a completely solid metal body, resulting in a very stable yoyo. The Revolution yoyo's axle system can also fit two different bearings. It comes with a standard bearing, which allows for more response, and when you are ready, you can switch to the speed bearing. The speed bearing is only recommended for intermediate to an advanced level of play style, because it causes the yoyo to become unresponsive. The YoyoJam Revolution Yoyo has a polycarbonate body, and aluminium weight rings, which help cause a stable spin every throw.

Check out his video below, and join the revolution!

The YoyoJam Revolution Yoyo Features:

  • Weight: 67.10 grams
  • Gap: 4.95mm
  • Response System: Silicone Pad
  • Diameter: 54.20mm
  • Width: 40.27mm